Sunday, October 21, 2012

Transferred! August 20, 2012


Cabo Frio

so... guess what?? I`M BEING TRANSFERRED!! Definitely not at all what I expected - at all - I thought that I would stay here in Comari with a new companion (of course, cause Sister Dis leaving - she already finished her mission....). Sister Di will be my new companion - she is american, not sure where she is from though. We were in the same zone the past two transferences, but I don´t really know her very well yet. And... we´ll be serving in Cabo Frio - a city outside of Rio in the Macaé zone..... So strange!! I love Comari and it will be so weird to switch areas! but... the Lord knows better than I do :) All the missionaries being transferred will meet at the Rodoviario (a huge bus station type thing at the center of Rio) and there, I´ll have to say goodbye to Sister D and leave with Sister Di to our new area. We´ll both be new there... and from then ... trabalhar! :)

Man. I am so sad that Sister D is leaving!!! Her mom is coming to pick her up from the mission and she´ll stay until Saturday here in Comari and her other areas. I´m really glad that we got to be companions these past two transferences. I´ve learned so much from her!!!

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