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Fonseca, Niteroi October 1, 2012

Fonseca. Niterói
I was transferred.... again!!! Can I tell you just how much I have come to love Cabo Frio and the members/investigators/EVERYONE here!!! Ha. I think that´s the thing about serving a mission, you always have to say goodbye to someone!!! So... It looks like I´ll be serving with Sister C in Fonseca - Niterói. So, like Cabo Frio, it used to be an Elder´s ward and we´ll be transferrred in together - so I figure it´ll probably be similar to this transfer, just somewhere else.... The first couple of weeks its super fun trying to figure out everything all at once....
Well... I love you all!

Yesterday, we had the baptism of C.  I wish that you could all meet her!  We made a contact with her sister a couple of weeks ago and marked to teach her. So we got to their  house, talked to them a little bit and told them about our purpose (which includes baptism). And so the first thing she said to us is that - I already have my church, but I´ll listen. She had been going to the baptist church. So yeah - we taught them, and taught a couple of things to her, invited them to church and she said yeah, I´ll try it out. So the two of them went to church on Sunday and really liked it. During sacrament meeting N (C's sister) turned to her and said that it really brought a peace. So we went back with a member that night, who really helped involve her in the activities in the church. And then we went back later that week - when we got there, she was reading out of the gospel principles book and studying that with the scriptures in the bible/Book of Mormon (she´s almost done already and it´s only been a week since she got it!!!). and so we were just sitting there talking for a few minutes and she brought up the subject of baptism. It was awesome! I´ve never had that happen before! So we told her a little bit about how it worked and set the day for sunday. She has such a big desire to change her life, it is wonderful!  . I am so happy for her that she is receiving the gospel! It will be so good for her! and that the ward received her so well! Her baptism was absolutely wonderful!!! perfect, really. She was presented with home and visiting teachers and everyone made her feel SO welcome! I love it :)Imagem 010.jpg
The only problem with being a missionary though, is that you are always gonna be the first one to be put on the spot.... We walked into an activity that they had for the youth for two minutes and the guy who was talking pointed us out and had us come up to the front to share our testimonies about seminary/the scriptures. awesome. Ha. and then in the baptism, our ward mission leader was presenting the program - and the period after the baptism, where they go to change clothes, he just announced (without telling either of us first) that the missionaries would teach the restoration during that time. ha ha, great :)
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Yeah, I do get to watch conference :) I am so excited for it!! I´m not sure if it´ll be in Portuguese or English though - I´m kind of thinking Portuguese cause my companion will be Brazilian.

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