Sunday, October 21, 2012

July 2, 2012

Mamãe! Eu amo você! Obrigrada por sua carta!
I am doing really well :)   I´ve heard of a couple missionaries here that got dengue - my companion actually caught it TWICE! But... I haven´t really had a problem with getting bit by mosquitos. It is "winter" here.... Definitely don´t need a jacket or sweatshirt though... The first couple of days I got here were actually super hot, but now its just normal weather - not really hot or cold, which is super nice. Ha. It definitely makes me excited to find out what summer is like though... NOT! :)
Our mission president is Presidente Lima. I really like him and his wife a lot,   I´ve only seen them twice - the first day, and then again at the training. Ha. we are in the city of Rio de Janeiro, but it still takes us about two and a half hours by bus to get to the mission office. President Lima´s focus here is on families, working with the members, and "crescimento real" which is basically helping people remain in the church after baptism.

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