Sunday, October 21, 2012

July 23, 2012


Everything is going great here in Rio!! I love it here. My companion is the best and I love my area. We have a baptism this Saturday for B - a young girl.  This girl will work miracles in her family - and in the ward. They have a good friend in the ward they will help each other out a lot . It will be great! She is the best though! :)
So I think my favorite thing on the mission so far is seeing the Lord work through us - being an instrument in his hands, so to speak. Its amazing sometimes trying to think of a spiritual thought or something to give and a scripture comes to mind. Or while giving a thought and having the spirit bring a question or something else to say come to mind. Or having none of the above, and simply bearing testimony and the spirit bearing witness. Its amazing the times when this happens. I know more than ever that this church is true. I know that God hears and answers prayers. He has answered so many of mine!!! I know God lives and loves us. The church is true!!!!

Mom! I am so sad to hear that Uncle Mike died! I love him! I guess though, one thing that I am learning so well on the mission - is that the plan of salvation is real. That this life is not the end and that we can live with our families forever - para eternidade! Thank goodness. Families can be together forever!

Haha... no, I actually haven´t had to give a talk yet, but I did bear my testimony the last fast sunday and it was alright.... but guess what I do have to do??? Elder Costa is coming on Friday to visit and guess who has to lead the music? Yeah, but also guess what? I have NO idea how to lead music.... I´ve always been bad at keeping time... and so.... this is going to be interesting. I´m not sure either exactly what I´ll have to do - there is a special musical number as well as normal hymns so I´m not sure if I´m just leading the choir, or everybody or both......... ahh! It´s for seven zones too. scary!

I´m doing really good. Scared out of my mind to lead on friday, but besides that, all is well. For our p-day today, with our zone we helped clean and move the other sisters - four of them that all live together - from one house to the other. And are working on painting their new house too. It was pretty fun :) Oh - I don´t think I ever told you, but Sister N is in my zone - I love that girl - she is the one who was also friend´s with the fisher´s that I met before I left. She is awesome!! I´m so glad to have her here and to be able to talk to her!!

haha. So awhile ago we were walking from one appointment to another and passed people doing capoeira in the street - and from the little that I saw, it looks like the coolest thing ever! a type of fighting/dance kind of thing. just look it up on youtube or something...

haha.. I don´t actually take a lot of pictures because my camera is super lame, but I´ll get the ones my companion took and send them on to you... eventually :)
Have a fantastic week!!

Mary Ann's mom here: I did look up capoeira and here is a youtube video of it.

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