Sunday, October 21, 2012

September 24, 2012

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On p-day we were able to go to the beach, cause we have that in our area (the closest we can get to it though is on the other side of the street).
The pictures I attached are from Arraial do Cabo. and its gorgeous. Hopefully the pictures attached right :)
This is actually the first lan house I´ve been to that lets you open any sort of pen drive....
Also, the post office is on strike (as is the federal police and all the banks). But that just means I have to wait to send any letters to anyone, which stinks.
I love it when people are willing and ready to keep promises! haha. So we were teaching an investigator about the word of wisdom earlier this week and the only thing he really had a problem with was coffee. It was cool though because after we answered his questions about it, he said ´as of now, I´m done drinking coffee. I´ve given it up´. The best. Ever.
Oh yeah. So Thursday - we had a really awful thunderstorm here. We were walking out of the church, turned and saw pitch black clouds behind us and went back in to ask for the weather forecast and not even two minutes later did it start pouring rain. And I mean POURING. It just kept going and going. But yeah, the lights in the church went off (but there were emergency lights, so we could still see). Anyways, once the rain quieted down to something a little more normal, an irmão walked us home with his flashlight, which was so awesome of him! - we live about forty minutes walking distance from the church on a normal day. Anyways, some of the streets were flooded with water so we got to dodge around all of that, which was fun :). Anyways, we made it home safe and sound. There was still no electricity though in our house, so we got a candle from our neighbor, but then shortly thereafter everything came back on. So we were even able to take a hot shower. But yeah, I loved it all! :)
If you´re even the slightest bit worried about us here, don´t be. Cause. The Lord was definitely with us to not get caught in that storm and was watching out for us the whole day! The next day everything was fine and we just got back to work! :)st 010.jpg
  I love Rio. I love serving a mission, being a missionary, and helping people come unto Christ!
And... I love YOU!
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