Sunday, October 21, 2012

September 10, 2012

Manaus Temple
So... I´m doing good :) And everything is going well here in Cabo Frio. I love my companion, Sister Di - from Pennsylvania. Haha, I think its so funny that whenever she says where she´s from people automatically think of the vampires from Dracula (which is actually transylvania). Its really funny. Same thing with texas though - I always get asked about the cowboys and farms and such. It´s actually hilarious though, I love it.

But yeah. The work is going well. We´re working with several families right now - two of them are working on their papers to get married (and then they can get baptized! which they are so excited for :). Marriage is a big process here - its super expensive and usually takes a couple of months so its pretty common to find couples that have been together for 28 years or so, but just not legally married.

Oh. and we also taught a lady, T this week. She was a contact we made, but as we were teaching her, she got super interested - she said that she left the church she was attending because the pastor one day decided that he was an apostle, but she didn´t know where he got the authority to call himself an apostle. And so we taught a lot about how the authority has been restored again to the earth with the first lesson and of course invited her the read and pray. Anyways Sister Di was explaing about the commitment, to read and pray, saying that she could know for herself that these things are true if she would do this and that we could lie to her, but God, being perfect, can´t. But her response was that she knew that we weren´t lying to her and ´why have I never heard this before´! It´s true though. I think that if I hadn´t grown up in the church, that would be exactly my response when I found it. I really believe the scripture that says that some people are held from the truth because, like T, they know not where to find it.

I love our church though and that we can know for ourselves (and don´t have to take anyone´s word for it) that the message of the restoration is true, - that we really do have the authority of God again upon the earth, that He is leading the church today through a living prophet, and that we have the authority to perform the ordinances (like baptism e etc.) to return back to our Father in Heaven and live with Him and our families forever!

We have been teaching a couple this week - G and R who are so interested in this, that they can be together forever. And I love that it´s possible!

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