Sunday, October 21, 2012

August 13,2012

Flavors of Brazil
Oi família!!!
Eu amo vocês!
 Wellll.... Everything is going well here for me in Rio de Janeiro. - It´s amazing the influence that members have in missionary work. When members are involved.... well, everything works out a lot better. They have automatic membership and friendship as well as people to answer their questions when we´re not there.... so yeah - don´t forget the influence that you have as a member of the church of Jesus Christ to help others come to know Him! :)
My companion, Sister D finishes her mission next week!!! Ahh! It makes me so sad that we won´t be companions anymore :( I´ll find out who my next companion will be on Monday, as well as whether or not I´ll be switching areas..... I think that I´ll probably end up staying here though, which would be way awesome - I LOVE the people here!!! :) ha. It´s kind of scary not knowing if I´ll be transfered or not, or where I´ll end up... :/ but... the good thing is - It´s all in the Lord´s hands!!!
Ha. so you asked the other week if I ever had to give a talk in sacrament meeting? well.. I gave my first one yesterday - it only had to be about five minutes though, which was good. And it actually went pretty well - at least people said that they understood what I was saying... haha. But yeah, its kind of cool to see that when the spirit is in a certain situation - it is SO much easier to understand what people are saying and to be understood.

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