Sunday, October 21, 2012

End of First Transfer July 9, 2012

Welllll... Things are going really well here. Today marks the end of my first transfer her in Rio!!! MAN! I can´t believe that I´ve already been here for what, THREE MONTHS????  Has it seriously been that long? Time has gone by so fast here. seriously though. This is the last transfer for my companion Sister D- man I don´t want to switch companions!! I love her! Our district leader was transferred, so that´ll be weird... But yeah - transfers are every six weeks and we only find out the monday of when we check the mission website and see where we´re going and who we´ll be with. And the next day - off to meet them!! It seems kind of crazy to me the way it works, but... cool beans.

This week we met the coolest family ever! Seriously though. There´s a mom, dad and two kids and they are awesome! We only taught them one lesson though so far because they only seem to have time on sundays, but they seemed to be super interested. I love them! You always hear people talking about finding ´the elect´, and if such a thing exists, they would be the definition. 

We´re here working hard here and I´m learning a lot. Man though - I have so much to learn!!!! like SO MUCH! But its all good - its part of the experience, right? :) I love it here, though. I love Rio! 

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