Friday, March 8, 2013

February 18, 2013

Our mission president always concentrates on the same things - to develop Christ-like attributes.  We had a zone conference this week with him and it was wonderful!!! He talked a lot about love and charity and how we should seek to develop this for everyone - companion, the people we teach members and etc.  He also talked a lot about seeking for the Spirit, obedience as well as several techniques that we can use in our teaching.  Our mission president is awesome!! I really respect him a lot!  He really lives what he teaches.

Carnaval ended on Tuesday with our Mardi Gras, so everything is back to normal now!  The work is going well.  We have several families that we are teaching now and that are progressing. I wish you could meet all of them!! Oh and remember the family that was there when I skyped? whose son is serving a mission in Brasília?  He is in our new bishopric!!  Our bishop is the same, which is perfect, but they changed all of the counselors and the secretary.  It is great because they all seem to have a good focus on missionary work.  I love the ward I am serving in!! There are so many good people!!!

Saturday we went to visit J with two members from our ward - he was a reference from them - M is recently returned from serving here in Rio and her husband is the secretary of the ward, also a recently returned missionary.  They moved here about a month or two ago.  It really showed me the importance of inviting everyone to hear about the message of the restored gospel.
It was funny cause when we got there (he lives at the top of a huge hill) he said that he only gave us his address, but didn't  tell us that he lived at the top of a giant hill because he wanted us to come for sure!  Their family is super wonderful!  There children are grown, but when we got there, their house was packed with grandchildren and neighbors.  It was super awesome!!  They should all be coming to church this next Sunday :)  

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