Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2012

Mary Ann's district

I am so excited for Michelle!!! BRASIL!!!! Definitely the best place you could go! :) That´ll be so cool with all three of us knowing portuguese!!!! :)
Sorry! I´m really bad at taking pictures, but I´ll try and be better about sending them to you! I sent one of our new district - we have the biggest district on the mission and with the most sisters :) there are twenty sisters now on the mission - at one point there were only fourteen, so it's growing now! They´ve opened some new areas as well for them to work in. It should keep growing too, cause the next sisters don´t leave until June!
To be honest, it"s so hot right now that I really do prefer using sandals. My feet get fried in the other shoes. And we walk a lot! Pretty much everywhere you go is walking, well... unless its more than an hour or so away. haha. Also, its better to bring shirts that don´t require an undershirt, if you can or anything for hot weather. As for Michelle, Porto Alegre´ll have its hot days, but it actually gets cold in the winter from what people say, so it would be good to bring some of both.
Yeah, it is already caranval here... Which means we have to be home by six to study. The area we live in is pretty calm. The bars are just super full and they have music blasting everywhere. Besides that people just seem to dress in fantasy costumes and stuff like that.

Mary Ann and Companion

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