Sunday, March 31, 2013

Transferences March 11, 2013

We found out about transferences yesterday.  I´m here in my new area today, but I still haven´t met my new companion - her name is Sister CL and she just finished training.  She´s from California and from what everyone´s said, super funny.  I´ll probably meet her later today :) So I was transferred again and now I will be serving in Anil - part of Rio de Janeiro.  The chapel is super gorgeous.  but I don´t really know much about the area or well... anything!! I´m kind of scared though cause now I´ll be senior companion and that´s more of a responsibility.  I´m super nervous.  And also it´ll be two Americans together, so we´ll see how that goes! :)  but with the help of the Lord, it´ll all go right, right?

haha. also it was kind of crazy getting here this morning.  Everyone at the bus station told us every which way to go and it took us forever to end up in the right spot..... but somehow, we made it!  lugging my suitcases the whole way!

Bus in Rio

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