Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 18, 2013

I am doing so good!
That´s cool you are talking to Sister CL's mom on the site thing! Sister CL is AWESOME! I love her already.  It has been great working with her this week and I´m way excited for this transference.  I got transferred here, but she was already here before, so it´s been good cause she already knows pretty much everything about the area!  which is way awesome! The apartment is sweet because it has room downstairs that we can go running in! This is the first are that I´ve been able to do that cause we can´t run outside.  It´s way sweet.  I am way excited to work in this new area.  Every area is a new experience and from what I´ve seen, it is going to be really good working here with the ward and with the investigators.  The ones I have already met seem awesome!  and yeah, this seems to be a very nice area.

My favorite thing is how the Spirit works with people.  Sure we can feel super inadequate, but when we have the Spirit to back up what we´re saying, well... it all works out!  One day, we had just met a woman on the street and it was way funny at first cause she didn´t want to have anything to do with us - and threw us off onto her friend that was there with us saying that he needed Jesus and stuff like that.  So we started talking to him, teaching and testifying about the restoration and said a prayer with them.  Afterwards she said Thank you and that in that moment when we were praying to bless their day, that the Lord touched her heart.  I love the great role that the Spirit has in missionary work.  It´s definitely THE most important part.

haha... yeah... I found out that my directional sense is not the best.  I have a hard time remembering where people live and how to get there..... but I´ll get it down!!  yeah... and transferences are hard lugging around suitcases to catch buses and stuff....but we survived! I came over with Sister H (who is awesome! :) and well.... it was super hard getting around especially since everyone told us all of the wrong instructions!! but we made it.... safe and sound :)  I love all of the other sisters here on the mission!  

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