Friday, March 8, 2013

February 25, 2103 MIssion Division!

So I guess you guys have heard then?!!! Seven more missions in Brasil!!!!!!!!!!  Isn´t that awesome?!  I didn´t know that there were fifty-eight new missions over the world, but that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!  I love to see how the work is growing and progressing!!! Yes, the Brasil Rio de Janeiro Mission is going to divide as well!  They are creating the Juiz de Fora Mission - July 1st!  I am so excited! I have no idea which side I will go to, but probably President will be making a lot of new changes in these next transfers because as of now, I don´t think there are any areas for sisters on the side that Juiz de Fora will be.  It is amazing to see how the work of the Lord is progressing and it is so wonderful to be able to be a part of it all! :)  

Fonseca is the stake center of Niterói and so for zone conference and such, everyone comes here, which is wonderful!  When I was in Cabo Frio, we would also meet with Fonseca or in Macaé both of which are pretty far away!  I love it when we have trainings with the President.  It was funny though cause we had zone conference like two weeks ago and so we thought it super weird whenever we were told that there would be another training this past Thursday.  But it was when president announced that the mission would divide.  He said that President Monson asked for them to let all of the missionaries to know before it was announced world-wide that our mission would be splitting. but we weren´t allowed to tell anyone about it until it was announced officially by the prophet.

We have twenty sisters in our mission right now - so it is growing.  A few transferences ago, there were only fourteen.  In total, I think there are about 176 missionaries... theres about 156 elders (if I counted right :), 20 sisters, a couple missionary - Elder and Sister N (who used to live in our town!!! :) I love them so much! - they said that Lisa knew their daughter!) and then Presidente and his wife :) 180 in all? 

 It is so cool to see how the work is progressing! I know that this is the work of the Lord! And I know that he is preparing many many people to accept the message of the restored gospel!

Here's a news story on the new missions created:

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