Sunday, January 6, 2013

November 26, 2012

This week has been pretty busy, but also full of small miracles.  The other day, as we returned to visit a contact that I had made, we entered into the house and his mom (I think she is in her 80´s or something like that) hugged us and started crying.   She told us of a lot of the problems that she has been having - with health, family problems, etc. We listened to her, taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized - which she accepted. Yesterday, we went to stop by to help her get to church, but she was not feeling well and didn´t have the strength to walk with us.  We got a ride for her and all was resolved. At church, (sacrament meeting is last) towards the end of sacrament meeting, she pretty much started crying because of the pain she was in and got up to leave. We went with her and she sat in the back for awhile, as we and a couple of others tried to help her. Then one of the members of the bishopric came and gave her a blessing of health and comfort.    In the blessing he said, well... the Lord said... that if she followed this plan that He had for her, that all would be well with all of the problems that she has been having in her life.  It was kind of cool because as he came up to talk to us afterwards about it it and said ´So from the blessing that I gave I could tell that she´s been going through several challenges´ Man. I love the power of the priesthood!!  Anyways, we passed by there later that day and she said that after the blessing, she felt a TON better.   She said that she intends to continue attending our church and that she is excited to be baptized this next Sunday.
 I am doing good and loving the work! Everyday I grow in the testimony of this wonderful plan that God has for all of us - the purpose of this life and what he has prepared for the next! I am so grateful that we can live together forever as an eternal family! I love the gospel and the way it blesses our lives!

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