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Feliz Ano Novo!!! December 31, 2012

Hey everyone!

Mom and Dad - It was SO good to talk to you guys on Christmas!!! :) I loved every minute of it! And everyone else - it was so nice to see all of you! even though I couldn´t really talk to you!! But just know that I LOVE YOU! And p.s. I loved the signs that you guys wrote, too :)
I love you all! :)

Well.... I attached a picture, not sure if you´re able to open it or not, but that should tell you about how hot this summer is probably going to be here in Rio. ha. I don´t think it actually got that hot in Fonseca, but it sure felt like it! I think Christmas and the day after were the worst - and they broke the record for the hottest day since they´ve started recording it...... whoop!

This week has been really good :) full of work! Oh, but guess what? I saw my recent convert, E the other day!!! It was the coolest thing ever. He was baptized when I was in Cabo Frio and is marrying a member from my first ward in Comari!!! Ha. when she found out I was being transferred to Cabo Frio, she gave me his reference right away. It was super sweet. But man! How I love my recent converts! I wish I could go and visit all of them :)

What are your guys plans for New Years Eve??? Haha. I told Sister C about our sardines tradition and she pretty much thinks I´m crazy :) But I´ll probably still buy them anyways, just to keep it up :) hahaha....

So I have a question for you guys: What do you think I can do to be a better missionary??? And yes, I really want your responses! :)

Te amo

Mary Ann said the temperature in Brazil will be 49 degrees celcius which is equivalent to 120 degrees Farenheit. So hot!!!

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