Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 3, 2012

So to answer some of your questions: We usually have lunch with the members around 12:30 and we have an hour. We don´t actually usually eat dinner because we´re usually too busy visiting people and don´t get hungry. Sometimes people´ll serve us stuff when we visit them, or we´ll eat something when we get home, but we usually don´t get that hungry after lunch. For breakfast, I´ll usually eat toast or something simple, depends on the day. Today we had something brazillian - bolinho de chuva, which was really good :) I don´t know if I´ve really gained or lost weight here - I think I´m about the same? But then again I don´t really have any way to check.   And no, I haven´t really gotten sick. Like, not at all! I´ve been really blessed in that aspect! And I think I would say that churrasco is the best brazilian food :) It´s barbequed meat and delicious - the sausage they make is the best. I also really like the fresh juices that they make here - they´re the best! And my favorite thing about Brasil in general - the people!!! I love the people here SO much!!!

As for my companion - well, first of all, she is a GREAT missionary. I´ve really learned a lot from her. She teaches so well! But yeah, as I have been blessed with good health, she´s had many health problems on the mission. She has a problem in both of her knees and if she wanted to, they would let her go home because of it, but she loves doing the Lord´s work and wants to stick it out!! She is a great example of diligence and perseverance! :) love her!

Carnival is in the beginning of February, I think. And from what I heard, we have to be back home by six and then study for the rest of the night...... As for Christmas Eve / Christmas and all of the other holidays, I think it´ll pretty much be a normal work day. New year´s eve, we might have to be home a little bit earlier, but I´m not sure. We´ll have a Christmas conference this next week with our zone and a couple of others, so that´ll be way cool :)

 I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Write me!!

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