Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 10, 2012

Sister A was baptized yesterday. She was a contact we made about two weeks ago or so. I love her so much! She knows really well how to recognize the Spirit, its amazing! After every lesson, everytime in church she always talks about the feelings she has of peace. She´s says that she´s been a lot happier since she started taking the discussions.
Remember when I talked about Sister Z and M - the mom and son who had a date marked for, last Sunday, I think. well. big miracle. but first I´ll give you the background. so I made a contact with M about a month ago now and we went back there and as soon as we got there, she started crying. We talked to her for awhile and realized just how much she was going through. They went to church that sunday (we got there and she wasn´t feeling well and didn´t want to go, but we got a ride for her and she got a blessing at church) and then we went back to visit them. A day or two later we went back again and when we got there Sister Z told us that she didn´t want to (or couldn´t) be baptized anymore - but we talked to her and taught her and man.... I think that was the lesson that the spirit´s been the strongest since I´ve been out here. It was amazing. Anyways, she accepted and also accepted a blessing of health for her son who has a couple of problems. So we went back there the next day with the elders, but she said that someone in her family had died that day and she decided that she would respect them and not do anything right now and she told us that she would find us at church if she wanted anything. She didn´t even accept the blessing. Anyways, it was super, super sad because we knew just how much the gospel would bless their lives and because we had given absolutely everything we had in that lesson and didn´t know what more to do. The elders tried to help too, but nothing worked right. And so we hadn´t heard anything back from them since...... BUT. When we got to church this Sunday, got into the first meeting - relief society and guess who was there? Sister Z! Man! we were SO excited to see her! And in disbelief too! We kept saying things like ´is that really her? Is she really here?!´ super excited and everything. Anyways, we went back there with some members later that day, taught a lesson, and invited her to be baptized this next sunday. Man. I can´t really explain just how happy it made me to see her there at church or just how big of a miracle it was to see her there! Its kind of been a roller coaster ride with them, but... I hope that all goes well this week so that she can be baptized this next sunday! :) And I think it will - she's got a really big desire to be baptized now!
ha. its kind of funny cause it doesn´t really feel like December. like not at all! It´s SUPER hot here! It´s a tiny bit better today because we´ve had some rain, but this past week its been crazy. I´m not quite sure what the equivalent is, but it got up to at least 42 this week. And it probabley wouldn´t be too bad if we weren´t walking around in the sun all day, or if there were air conditioning. but its all good :) (42 in Celcisus is equivalent to 108 in Farenheit)

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