Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!! ha. I didn´t even realize that it was this week!!! That is crazy! :)
Things have been going well here..
 We actually eat lunch with the members, not dinner. Lunch here is the bigger meal. Haha. there´s a lot of times that I´ll eat something and have no idea exactly what it is. Like the other day - Sister Diller ended her mission and her parents came to pick her up and they had a farewell for here in Fonseca. And they served us several snack foods and they asked me what they were and I had no idea! I think it was just chicken or cheese rolled up in a little ball. good though. ha. We were eating a lunch with a member the other day and she decided to serve us because last time we didn´t eat very much - she thought it because we were shy and not because we were full...... And she served us a lot! And then.... when I still had half a plate left, she gave us more!!!! I almost wasn´t able to eat all of it!!! Man I was SO stuffed!!! They tend to do that a lot... come mais!
Today for p-day, we´re getting together with our district, making lunch and playing volleyball, so it should be way fun! :)
And then tonight, we have a family night to go to!! :)

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