Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 18, 2012

Thank you all for the Birthday wishes!!! :) It went pretty well! Sister C made it really good. She made me a cake, card and a banner and gave me a necklace and earrings! It was sweet :) And there´s a really awesome couple in our ward - our elder´s quorum president and his fiancĂ© - made dinner and a cake for us, which was super nice of them. They are awesome! I love them so much!! We are teaching his daughter right now :) But besides that, it was a pretty normal day! We got to go out and teach a couple of families with Brother R, our ward mission leader whose son just barely went on a mission.
Transferences were actually yesterday - they switched everything around last minute and so pday ended up being today. But Sister C and I will stay together in Fonseca!!!! I´m really glad that I´ll get to stay with her! Both of the other sisters in our district left though :( One finished her mission and went back home and the other one was transferred. I´ll definitely miss them a lot!
As for the Christmas phone call - we have a family that said that we could go to their house. They have a webcam and so we can skype.
So as for Michelle and Laura? Janurary it is then? man. I can´t WAIT to find out where you guys´ll be going!!!! :) congratulations!
Well, I love you and Merry Christmas!!!

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