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January 7, 2012

Michelle and Laura - I am SO SO excited for you, you have no idea! I can´t wait to hear where you are going!!!!! :) I just know that I´m hoping for Brasil :) or anywhere Portuguese, speaking, cause that would be super sweet.  But where ever it is that you are called, it´ll be the best place for you and the will of the Lord :)
So this week I had a simple, but good experience.  I made a contact with a woman in the street this week (well...I  made lots of those, but this one in particular).  I started talking to her and at first she gave the normal responses of - I admire the work that you guys do, but really I´m not interested.  But as I said that we had a message that comes from God, she responded that we could go ahead and share it..... And so - we taught her the restoration... right there in the street.   As I was talking about prayer and sharing my testimony that I know God answers prayers - she started to cry a little bit and said that she knew God answers prayers, because at the moment with us talking to her - God was answering her prayer.  Anyways, I know that God lives, loves us and will answer your prayers. 
So things are going well here in Fonseca.  I really love the people in the ward that I am working with.  They are wonderful! :) 
Transferences won´t be until the first week in Februrary.

Mary Ann's two sisters were both preparing to submit their mission papers. Both girls were affected by the mission age change.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints changed the age to serve a mission from 19 for boys to 18 and from 21 for girls to 19. Michelle is 18 but will be 19 soon and Laura is 20. We will have 3 girls all serving a mission at the same time!!!

 Brazilian Avocado Smoothie Recipe
1 large Avocado (the avocoado meat only)
2 cups milk
sugar to taste

Blend and enjoy! This will make 2 smoothies. 

In Brazil, they eat avocados with sugar and not salt and pepper. The use avocados to make desserts, ice cream and smoothies. Brazilian avocados are very big. If you try it, please leave a comment in the comment section.  

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