Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 6, 2013

HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY!!!! This Sunday, right?  So guess what that means?  I get to talk to you!! :)  I love you mom!  

The first mission counsel was way good.  I was able to learn a lot! And it was cool to see the part that all the elder´s take a part of.  President and the assistants each gave a training. I loved the part that the president gave, I could really feel the spirit.  ha.... and with the assistants training - Sister O and I had to do a practice... well it was half voluntary, but still... :)  And yeah, we do have a part in the zone trainings - we had one this past week and we both passed part of the training :) different, but it was cool...

yeah the problem with apartments is is that someone sits down at the bottom and won´t let you in until they call the person in the apartment and they allow us to go up... and even if we can get past them, people will complain if someone comes in unannounced, so when we knock doors we usually just go to houses - but mostly we just talk to the people in the streets. 

So yeah, it is cold here.  Well - to you guys it probably wouldn´t be that cold, but since what I´m used to is 95 degree weather like everyday, it feels pretty cold to us.  And no, the blanket I have is warm enough, but some more warm clothes would be nice!
As for vitamins, I still have a little of the vitamin c that I brought and I have that other one that you sent, so I think I´m doing good :)

Well, I hope that all of you are doing well!! I would love to receive letters from you :)


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