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April 29, 2013 /New Area

First week in my new area - Jardim América.  It´ll be part of the mission Juiz de Fora... and more likely than not, I will be a part of the new mission.  Also, I don´t know the name of the new mission president, but I´ve heard that he is from São Paulo.  And they say that the new mission house will be near here.... so that´ll be interesting.  

And like you said, Sarah - it is a really good thing that they are having sister leader trainer´s. It was something that was needed - we were talking about this a few weeks ago even before it was announced and it´ll be way good to have the information passed directly from the president.  Sister O and I will both be leader´s now together - it kind of works like zone leaders, except just with sisters.  We'll go on splits with the other sisters, help them and train them. oh and we´ll go to the mission counsels, which is new.  We´re gonna go back to rio tonight to have it tomorrow.  

I am really liking Minas so far.  It is super cold here though!!!! I never expected that and I only have two light sweaters!!!! Well at least its cold to me cause I´ve been used to ninety-five degree weather.  So yeah. Tell Michelle to bring weather for the cold and for the heat cause she´ll need it :) especially after she has a summer there and then goes through the winter...

haha. it´s kind of funny how the mission is different for everyone.  This is my fifth area now and well, compared to a lot of other sisters, that´s quite a bit :) And this´ll be the third area that Ive opened (well not opened opened, but just switched from elders to sisters, but we both got there at the same time without knowing anything!) and its seeming to be the hardest.  There are a lot of apartments - and I don´t know if you know this, but we can´t really knock doors there or visit anyone there unless we already have their name and they accept for us to go up.  Also, our area is really big.  but its good :) and I LOVE my companion.  She is hilarious!  and an absolutely fantastic missionary!
Jardim America

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