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May 13, 2013

zone photo 1

haha.  Mom - you don´t need to worry about the food that I eat - we actually eat pretty healthy here :)  We eat soup, toast, fruit smoothies, etc.  Depends on the day.  (Mary Ann was answering the question about what the missionaries eat for breakfast and meals that aren't at the members homes)

And yes, we do only drink filtered water.  The mission reimburses the filtered water that we buy and it usually works out pretty well...  So no, you don´t need to send one.  Also, the blanket I have i super warm - they also keep more in each house so there are more if I need them.  I´m doing pretty good on bug repellent and sunscreen - I still have a lot left.  As for a coat - I wanted to ask you about that - do you think it would be better for me to buy one here, or for you to send one?  The one that I´ve seen that´s actually good, is about 100 reais or fifty dollars.... what do you think?  But I do still have my coat at home too.... but yeah, the only other thing I can think of that I would really need is clothes - shirts and skirts!!! and maybe an undershirt.  but yeah, besides that, I can´t really think of anything.  just maybe some church shoes....

Weeellll....  To answer your questions:

Tell us about the nice, thoughtful things members or investigators  do for you. 
This ward is really awesome!!!  Our first Sunday here, the two wards that meet in our building were combined and we had a couple people come up to us and ask us which ward we were in - and then give us a bag of food!  They gave us milk, crackers, and bread!  And they do the same thing every Sunday   What they give switches, but every week, someone from the ward gives us something! Which is super nice and thoughtful and helps us out a ton!  I am so grateful for his ward!  They are awesome :)

Tell us about the nice things the missionaries do. 
So this is only the second transfer that I´ve lived with other sisters, but it is turning out to be really awesome! The other sisters are great! Everyone works together and helps each other out.  Someone´ll usually make breakfast everyday, and we all kind of switch off without really having anything decided, everyone just helps and works together! :) It is super sweet! I love these girls!  ha we even share clothes at times! :) as you will see in the photo! haha.  

Tell us about when you feel the spirit in a lesson and what you were teaching the people. 
So the other day we were teaching a lesson to a family that needs to get married in order to get baptized.  It was a really good lesson and as we were bearing our testimonies about temples, he received an answer in that moment.  

Tell us about the reactions people have to your message and their commitment or lack thereof to change. 
haha... This question has such a varied answer!  It really depends on the situation.  For example, we do contacts everyday in the street and there are plenty of times when people don´t even give us the time of day.  Others when they listen politely, but really aren´t interested.  But then again, there´s been some instances when we´ve started to talk to someone and they start to cry and say that we were an answer to their prayers.  Ha. I had one time when I talked to a girl and she declined respectfully, but then about three minutes later, she came back and told us where she lived and when she would be home for us to come and visit.  I think that when the people really let the spirit into their hearts, they become committed to follow the Lord.  

And the way they overcame their struggles and the testimonies that they share. 
I LOVE the testimonies of recent converts.  We went to visit a family of recent converts the other day and well, the spirit as they shared their testimonies was SO strong!  The dad went from smoking and drinking one day, to getting married and being baptized.  They feel the spirit and have the desire to share these same blessings with others.  They´re working to go to the temple.  It is absolutely amazing the change the gospel has on the lives of everyone who lives it!  It brings so much more peace and happiness to our lives :)

oh and the pictures attached are from the zone conference that we had.  One is just our zone of Juiz de Fora and the other is our zone with the zone of Volta Redonda.  These are the other sisters that we are working with and doing splits with :)

zone photo 2

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