Sunday, May 12, 2013

April 1, 2013/ Happy Easter

Happy Easter!! 

Well we´re doing good.  This week was pretty great.  The work is going well.  

So. One cool thing that happened was that I made a contact with a girl, invited her to learn more, she rejected and well we went about doing our work.  But then..... she walked back to me and said that she changed her mind, that she would be at home a certain day and we could come by to visit!!!  Its interesting sometimes how the spirit works with people.

I have really been able to see the hand of the Lord leading and guiding us this week. Its funny some of the experiences we´ve had, running into members that had been wanting to talk to us and then having them take us to people who needed help or to new investigators.  I have really been able to see how important and pivotal the role of members in missionary work.  We went to visit two inactive families this week with the secretary of our ward and well.... It helped them a TON.  It really helps EVERYONE - inactives, investigators, members - to see the love that members, and through these members, ultimately the Love that God has for them.   

Cristo Redentor

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