Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 14, 2013

Laura - Congratulations!!!!!! I am so excited for you! (Laura submitted her mission papers)
 Elder N  did you guys ever meet him? he is from our town and he and his wife are serving as the secretary and nurse of the mission.... I love them so much!!!  

To get around, we mostly just walk.  We walk A LOT.  We take the buses too when something is really far.  We do have a refrigerator. and a microwave, stove, oven (that doesn´t work), and a washer.  The only thing we don´t have is a dryer.  or air conditioning.  

So... This week was pretty slow.  Sister C got really sick and we went to the hospital twice.  Poor thing.  She´s has a lot of health challenges since she´s been on her mission.  She has an lesion in both of her knees and so we´ve been to a lot of physical therapy the past two transferences, but now that that´s over, she´s come down with pain in her back and a lot of it.  as well as laberintite - not quite sure what that is in english, but it is something to do with the inner ear that sets off your balance - she gets super dizzy and its hard for her to even walk straight.  So we haven´t been able to work too much this week.  

Yesterday, we went on divisions, and she stayed with two girls from our ward at the bottom of our apartment building (since they can´t go in our house) and I went with the young women president and one of her counselors to visit some inactive young women.  It was super sweet!  It was nice to be able to go out to work again.  The first young women we visited was there with her brothers and seven of her friends, so of course we took advantage of that and invited them all to come to church on sunday and see the musical number the young women are putting on.  

The second person we visited wasn´t at home, but her mom was who is not a member.  She arrived later with her boyfriend and said that she would go to church this next Sunday and would also invite another youth from the ward who is also not active(who we have also been wanting to work with, but can never find at home)!  The mom was super nice and said that we could come by anytime, but didn´t really want to go to church because of bad examples of members that live around her...... super sad, but as we teach her about the doctrine of Christ and how we have His church again upon the earth, I´m sure she´ll come around :)  It just goes to show that a good example is so important!

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