Thursday, July 18, 2013

June 10 and June 18, 2013

June 10, 2013
So I guess I´ll stay in the new mission for sure then?  I was pretty positive I would.  It is exciting, but different as well.  Even our investigators are having dreams about the mission split... hahaha.  We went to visit a family yesterday and he told us how he had read the book of mormon and prayed about it and then had a dream.... he was walking along he street and passed by us, but he passed by pretending that he didn´t know us and hiding himself.  but then he got to the house he was going to and there were more people there teaching about the Messiah.  Then he left and the street was full of people teaching the same thing.  It was funny cause we invited him to be baptized and he tried to get out of it, like he did in his dream, but he´ll look back on this experiecne and know that he already knew.

June 18, 2013
Laura and Michelle! Congratulations!!!!! You´re goin´on a mission!! I am so excited for you both!  Laura, are you going up to Utah early, or just the day before?  Michelle, did you get your passport and everything?  Will you come straight to Brasil?!  I love you both!  Good luck and I am excited for you!  Just one more week, can you believe it?!  And make sure to send me your new emails :)
weell.... the new mission will officially come the first day in July.  President Lima already came and had a little farewell here.  He talked  And I went to Rio the last time yesterday :(  I had to go back to the federal police to get my visa renewed so it was good to see Rio one last time as well as the group that I came with :) so that was cool. My companion will be going back to rio before the division (the 29th) and I will stay in trio until the next transfer.... We´ll be working in my ward and in the neighboring ward and so we´ll probably just try and go on splits everyday to keep the work up in both of the wards.  There´s a lot of changes with the division, but its going to be good.  The Lord´s work is really going to spread!!! I know that there are so many people being prepared to hear the message of the restored gospel!
oh and make sure that anything you send  goes to the new address, or else it´ll probably get stuck in Rio.. 

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