Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 8, 2013

New Juiz de Fora Mission

Things are going great!
We had a conference with the new mission on Friday and I attached the photo of everyone.  The meeting was super spiritual. President and Sister Cascardi introduced themselves, along with their children, they discussed the new rules (as there are two misisons coming into one, they had to re-establish a couple of the rules that are different in each mission- for example the music we can listen to - now it´ll just be hymns, tabernacle choir, etc and not efy.  but now we can run outside even though we couldn´t before). President also gave a training, which was wonderful!  I loved it and learned a lot!  I know that President Cascardi was called of God.  I love him and Sister Cascardi.  They are in our ward and came to J's baptism yesterday.  First baptism of the new mission! It was super special.  I´ll send you pictures later.
But things are going well here.  Things have been crazy lately being in a trio and working in two wards.  We´ve been doing divisions like crazy to keep up the work in both of the wards when we can. 
Saturday I did a division and well.... ha. It was awful - I felt really bad because everything went wrong.  We went to visit some people, but no one was home.  Then we went to a different part of the city further away and once again, we wern´t able to teach anyone.  Sad day!  It made me sad because I wanted her to have a really good experience, especially since she´s preparing to go on a mission.  But then at church on Sunday, she bore her testimony and said that it was one of the best days that she had in her life.  haha.  She said that she could feel a little bit of what a missionary feels and that she was super grateful for the opportunity.  Its funny how the Lord works sometimes.  I felt the spirit really strong in her testimony. 

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