Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22, 2013 Training!

This transfer..... well.... pretty much EVERYTHING got switched up.   Pretty much all of the sisters switched areas - Only I stayed. They split my area and now the assistants to the president will be working on the other half.  And well... I´m training, my companion is Sister F and she´s AWESOME :) She is 22 as well and from Terezina Piaui (not sure how to spell that?)  I am also sister leader trainer - by myself!!!! Usually its the companionship and so this is different as well... And so I am responsible for ALL of the sisters here on the mission - all of which are training for the first time and the ones who just got here will probably start training this next transfer since there are a LOT of sisters coming!!! so yeah.... that´s a lot of responsability to make sure that they are all trained well.  Thank goodness the Lord is here to help!! :)  Tuesday will be the first mission counsel, so that´ll be interesting.  Man.  When I first got the call, I definitely felt the weight of the responsibility, but I know that the Lord is here with me to help me and strengthen me.  And it´ll be a wonderful opportunity.  I´ve already had the opportunity to help some of the sisters adjust to these new changes and so that has been wonderful. 
And as there are so many sisters coming on the mission - I think president needs sisters with more experience to help out - There are a LOT of sisters coming and they´ll probably have to train before they even finish being trained.  So. I´ll be home by Christmas, but that is as much as I know :)  haha. I actually offered to stay and president´s taking me up on it :) 
This week has been rushed with a lot to do, but its been good.  Ri was baptized yesterday.  She is 73 and is in a wheelchair.  She was a reference from our recent convert, S.  She is doing well and her baptism was beautiful.  They had two people in the font to help her be baptized.  It was beautiful! :)

This is right before we found out who our companions would be with President.  Mine ended up being Sister F - the one in the blue skirt :)

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