Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 20, 2013

Yesterday we had an interesting experience.  A miracle, in reality.  Yesterday we had lunch with a sister in the ward and when we got there, we found out that she was married, but that her husband was inactive.  We spent the whole lunch talking with them about the gospel, their daughter that is on the mission and well - spiritual stuff to help him.  After lunch, I left the message, inviting them to prepare be sealed in the temple and inviting him to come back to church.  It was really interesting because he kept saying no, that he needed to prepare himself first, that he would go next week, but not today.  And so..... we kept talking to him - teaching and testifying - and the spirit was really strong.  Anyways, all in all, we invited him to pray then and there and it was funny cause we just sat there with our eyes shut (praying for him as well) for a couple minutes.  He finally started with our help, but pretty much said the whole prayer on his own after Dear Heavenly Father.  He prayed for his family. And after that, the spirit did the rest of the work.  He hopped up and said. eu vou! i´ll go! Then he went and grabbed clothes and got ready and we went with him to church.  It was awesome!  We talked to him after church and he said that he felt good, relieved, peace etc.  And that he would come back next week.  It is amazing to me how the spirit works on people.  It touches the hearts of the individual.  And I can also testify to how the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses the lives of all it touches.  :)

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