Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 27, 2013

 I am doing well.  Sunday we had the baptism of A.  She is a super special young woman we have been working with.  One of her friends has been bringing her to church.  After our first lesson with her, we invited her to pray about the things that we had taught.  When we came back,  she told us about the response to her prayers.  It was super sweet.  She said she prayed and felt peace in her heart and felt that God said that "yes" it was true en her heart. It was so cute. I love her!

This week has been an interesting one...... Without light in our house. Before we got here, there were two months of electricity that had gone unpayed and so it got switched off on Wednesday, I think...... and well, its been payed since them, but they still haven´t gone back to turn the lights back on!  It has been interesting though, taking cold showers, putting the iron on the stove to heat it up and pass our clothes, trying to be creative to figure out what to do with our here, and etc.... But I´ve also felt super grateful and blessed.  I can really tell how the Lord has been looking after us.  We have water and gas to cook food.  And our neighbors are wonderful!  There is a member who lives upstairs and a family of investigators of the other sisters that live above them and they have been absolutely wonderful to us!!! and our other neighbor as well!  They have brought us food, let us use their emergency lights and etc.  They are awesome! :)  We really haven´t been in need of anything!  And I can tell it is the hand of the Lord.  

 This week was transfers and I will stay here with Sister O! :) yes
This transfer was only five weeks and so it was a little bit shorter than the others, but yes, it has gone by way fast!! 

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