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TWINS! September 2, 2013 and September 9, 2013

Mary Ann, twins and Brazilian girl at baptism
September 9, 2013
Things are going well here.  i am really liking my new companions.  It is really a lot of responsibility being sister leader as well as training two sisters.  At least I have Sister R to help me now as sister leader.  She is awesome .  This week we went on a division with a couple of the sisters (we´re both in trio and so we left our companions working in our areas and went to help the other sisters)   

September 2, 2013
On the mission we have this joke that when you train someone, you are their ´mom´or ´dad´on the mission.... well this transfer, I am a mom of TWINS!  and yep.  you understand that right.  I am in a trio.  My new companions are Sister M (from Natal, Brasil) and Sister S (from São Paolo, Brasil).  They are both 22.  They both arrived Tuesday from the missionary training center. It´s only been a few days since I´ve been with them and it´ll definitely be a new experience.  At first I was apprehensive, but I am also kind of excited.   It´ll be a new experience and there is a lot that the three of us have to learn together!  And I have found that when the Lord calls us to do something, he prepares a way for it to be accomplished when we have faith and trust in him.  I really like the both of them :)  I just hope that I can train them well and help them be prepared to train in the next transfer, if need be. 

The companion that I was training, Sister F, is now training. I know she only had one transfer on the mission and didn´t even finish her own training, but there are so many sisters coming on the mission that they needed her!  She´ll be absolutely great though!  She is a great missionary, super dedicated and obedient :)  I love her!
Sunday, V was baptized.  This was the fifth Sunday that she has come to church in a row.  But man.  I have really seen the influence of the spirit in her conversion.  At first, she had a good impression of the church, but didn´t want to be baptized at the moment to be able to have more time to get to know it and such.  She read, prayed and received a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  Then it was her that decided to be baptized, but her mom wanted her to make sure it was what she wanted to do and wait longer.  Praying and fasting, we took the bishop there to talk with the two of them.  That was what really changed the mom´s idea.  Last Sunday, V came to church and told us that her mom would authorize her baptism!  Friday, we went there and she was still a little hesitant, but with some scriptures and the Holy Ghost, she accepted to come to church on Sunday to see what it was like as well as V´s baptism on Sunday.  She was interviewed Saturday and bishop called someone to take them to church on Sunday  which was super nice of him to do.  I was sitting by them both in sacrament meeting and invited V to go up with me are share her testimony - you know kind of like what we did at home - the I´ll go if you go kind of thing.  When her other friend on her other side said the same thing, she accepted and the three of us went up to the stand together.  V bore her testimony first and it was wonderful!!! I think it was especially good cause her mom was there to hear it :)  After church, she was baptized and it was wonderful!  I love that girl! :)  The picture is of me and my companions, V and Z, her mom.

Mary Ann and twins and Brazilian girl and mom at Baptism

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