Sunday, October 13, 2013

August 26, 2013

Maan.... I wish that there was a way to put everything that I was feeling into words. 

This week has been GREAT!  I´m not sure what made it so good, but its probably just cause I felt the spirit so strong......   Not everything went the way that we were wanting it to as J and V weren´t baptized on Sunday, but everything is in the Lord´s timing, I´ve learned.  And I´ve seen many many miracles along with that.  Friday, I fasted specifically for them.  That day we went with our bishop (who is THE best!)  to visit V and her mom.  V is sixteen and we´ve been teaching her for awhile now.  Since she started coming to church, she has always liked it and felt the spirit there, but at first it was her wanting to wait a little longer to learn a little more and meet more people.  but she accepted to be baptized on this last Sunday (she´s so sweet! and has already received a testimony of the book of Mormon).  but then her mom said that she wanted her to wait some more time and make sure that it was really what she wanted to do. (V´s older sister is a member, but inactive).  The visit with the bishop went really well!  He was able to help Z, V´s mom, understand and take away her doubts.  It was super awesome!  And then Sunday when V came to church, she said that her mom had agreed to give her permission!! Anyways, I don´t know if you can tell it from what I´ve wrote, but I´ve really felt the spirit these past few days - the peace and happiness that it brings - and I know that it was God answering our prayers and our fasting.  I have really seen His working in the lives of these people that I love and want to help so much.  

Today we had a p day with all of the sisters of the mission - all ten of us!  It was super sweet - we went up a hill they have here - morro do cristo - that has a tiny little statue at the top and had a picnic there.  Sister C planned it and it was super sweet to see everyone together :) I love the sisters here!  

but then it was super sad because Sister G left.  She was called to serve for one transfer (so that it wouldn´t end up being uneven and having to have a trio) and just got her mission call to serve in Santos, Brasil -  she´ll be going September fifth.  but yeah it was super sad to say goodbye to her.... and they´ll be a lot more of goodbyes that I´ll have to say in the next few days because of the transfer..... the other sister´s are switching houses and either I or my companion will be transferred :(  but yeah, I´ll let you know next week what happens!!  There are nine sisters coming and we´ll meet them tomorrow, help them do contacts in the street and then they´ll all sleep in our house at night.  But it is only on Wednesday when we find out who will be our companion! These sisters that I have been working with have really become some of my best friends! I love them so much! :)

This is on our way up to the Morro do Cristo.  The attributes of Christ were part of the activity that Sister C had planned. 

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