Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spaceship Museum November 12, 2012

Spaceship Museum Niteroi
When I asked Mary Ann what she wanted for Christmas she said letters! Please send Mary Ann a card or a letter(If you know her). There is a page with her mission address to the left side of the blog.
One more transference is over..... It passed by incredibly fast! Like the blink of an eye. But thank goodness I´ll get to stay here in Fonseca with Sister C for the next transfer as well!! :) She is the best!
As for what to give my companion for Christmas - the next transfer is the week before Christmas, so I´m not at all sure who I will be with - just something general that any sister missionary would like? Some things I´ve found that they like - Brazilian´s at least, I could always have an American companion as well... - but victoria´s secret lotion, basketball shorts, byu t-shirts, and peanut butter.

 Since they don´t celebrate Thanksgiving here, people already have Christmas trees up and stuff and I love it :)  I don´t really think we´ll have a Thanksgiving dinner.
To answer your questions - The average p-day... this transference we´ve done several cool things. One p-day we went to the museum in niteroi that looks like a spaceship. But its really hard to send pictures because our stick drives don´t usually work on these computers (and I don´t have the cord to transfer them from my camera..) But it depends on the pday... Sometimes we just stay at home and write letters, but this transference we´ve done a lot with our district because we´re a lot closer to them now distance-wise. What I ate this morning? bread and milk - prophet´s food :) haha. Also, We live on the tenth floor of our apartment, but all we can see out our window is a big hill and other apartments.
Can you email me the pictures that Sister N´s mom sent?? I don´t think I have them. Man. I love Sister N!! :) She´s training this transference in my old area, Cabo Frio! :)

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