Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am here in Brazil!!!

 I made it!!! I am here in Brazil!! So hard to believe! :)  Guess what though!!!!!!?!!! Elder Cook came to the CTM yesterday!!! I was able to shake the hand of an apostle of God! How cool is that?!
It's been wonderful so far! We went to the temple this morning!!!! It is GORGEOUS!  I think its my favorite that I've ever been to.   I leave for Rio in five more weeks!  It seems so strange that I've already/ only been here for a week so far!My companion is Sister C - I LOVE her.  She is standing next to me in that picture that they sent earlier.  She is from Boston and her dad is actually Brazilian and her mom is Mexican and so she understands what everyone says in any of the three languages, because in her house they would speak to her in their languages and she would respond in English.  Way cool though!  She is super nice and we get along great! My district is GREAT! I love them all! Everyone is so hilarious and we all get along great! I love it! The food is actually really good - they serve a lot of meat at every meal and they always have rice and beans - which are delicious!!  We also went to this Brazilian barbeque place  today and it was super good! If you have ever been to Tucanos, it was exactly like that - they had this salad bar type thing and then brought around the meat - like Braza Dancante.  It was delicious!
The living arrangements are pretty much like any dorm. There is space for four girls in each room with two bunk beds, but it is only me and Sis C in ours right now. We really want to get some Brazilian sisters when they come this week though!~ Mary Ann

Above, are some excerpts from Mary Ann's first e-mail home. She asked me to keep up her mission blog for her while she is on her mission. I'll try to be clear about whether comments are from me (her mom) or from her on the blog. Below is the photo that the CTM sent to us on her first day in Brazil. Seeing it made me know that she had made it safe. I said goodbye to her last Tuesday at the airport, it was harder than I had imagined. We've sent off 3 children to be missionaries before but this was the first one who was leaving the country.   I was sad when she left and it sunk in that she is gone. I am so happy she can be a missionary. I'm excited for her to have lots of wonderful experiences.  It was great to get this first e-mail and learn about what she is experiencing. Feel free to leave comments on the blog. I will forward uplifting comments to her in Brazil. Please invite your friends to join. Anyone is welcome to read it. She hadn't had a chance to invite most of her friends before she left. We will make sure that the blog stays positive and try to make it worth reading ~Mary Ann's mom

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