Tuesday, April 3, 2012

two week mark.

Well... it's official - exactly two weeks until I leave.  How crazy is that?  It's always been four months/ two months away, etc.  And when I finally saw it getting somewhat close, it moved further away again.  But now it's almost here.  And its for real this time.  I called the Missionary Department the other day and they said they had a visa for me (they're gonna ship it sometime this week!! :), which means....... I'M GOING TO BRAZIL!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting for this moment for about the last six months now and, can you believe it?  It's almost here.  I think, though, having SO much time to prepare has allowed me to procrastinate a little TOO much.  Now I'm attempting to catch up on all that in the midst of preparing for a reception.  Talk about fun.  Guess what else though?  I'm getting nervous.  Ahhhh!  Really nervous. Right now I am mostly scared for my farewell talk - well, more like terrified.  I am NOT a big fan of giving talks and I always get nervous.  And I'll be speaking next to my amazing sister, Sarah who will be recently returned from her mission and giving her homecoming talk that same day - and she is a spiritual giant (seriously - you'll be able to see the difference!).  But getting on that plane and flying to a foreign country is also a little bit daunting.  and maybe more than a little bit.  A lot of it has to do with the language barrier.  I'm just have to pick up Portuguese FAST!! :)  It's just funny though because the last six months or so, I've been nothing but excited.  I still am, of course, but there's just a couple other emotions mixed in there.  Can I just say though that I am so entirely grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!  And I am so grateful for the testimony that I have gained over the years - I am SO excited to be able to share this gospel of Jesus Christ, that I love so much, to those waiting to hear in Brazil!  I can't wait!!! :)  Also, I can't wait to wear the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, over my heart and to be a representative for Him!!

Saying goodbyes is another one of those things that I'll never get used to.  I've decided that I really hate them; they're awful!  and I've had to say some of the hardest goodbyes as I left Utah to come home, but I still have more to say!!  Well.  It really isn't even goodbye, it is just see you later because I'll be sure to see them again - it'll just be in a little over a year and a half.  but still... it makes me sad :(

But lets dwell on the positive, because I have had SO MANY good times the past several months.  Like going to Color-Me-Mine and eating the one of a kind blue bell ice cream with two of my favorite people!  Like going to Denny's at three in the morning while wearing footie pajamas.  Like being able to become scuba certified.  Like trying on ugly clothes at DI with Shanette :).   Like chillin' with the coolest people at Brick Oven.  Like always locking my new roommates out of the apartment.... sorry!  Like being able to go to my sister's sealing!  Like having the opportunity to get ahead for my mission and learn Portuguese.  Like watching my beastly sister own at her basketball games.  Like being able to hang out with my wonderful family who I love so much.  Well... like a lot of things! :)  Even though I would have been happy to leave six months ago if I had the chance, I am really grateful for the opportunity to stay in the states and to learn the things I've learned, do the things I've done and spend time with the people I love!

I love you all and I'm going to miss you - like a lot a lot.  But don't get too excited, because I've still got two more weeks :)  I'm not gone yet!

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