Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An Average Day at the CTM

                                         Me and Sister C in front of the Sao Paulo Temple

An average day - we wake up at six thirty, get dressed for the day and eat breakfast.  Then we have personal study, companion study, and then the language lab.  Then we have gym where we run for a little bit and then go play volleyball for the rest of the time.  The Brazilians are intense!! And yes, soccer moves are completely legal in any game of volleyball - it is awesome! :)  After that we shower and get ready for the day - again - and then we go to lunch and have class with Irma S - she is our teacher and Irma translates to sister - we're called Sister's though, (In English not Portuguese because Irma is the same as nun here.... awesome? haha) We do gramatica with her and then we practice teaching with her - she is our fake investigator Angelica.  Then we have dinner at four fifteen - SO EARLY!! It's awful! haha.  We never get hungry!!  Then afterwards we have class with Irmao C (Brother C).  He is the best! We go over stuff with him as well and teach him too.  We taught a lot last week, I feel like - and yes, it is only in Portuguese.  Scary!  My companion is a really good teacher and speaks awesome Portuguese, so I have learned a lot from her already.  She did three weeks in Provo, in English, before she came here.  After class, we plan for the next day and go to lanche - just a snack thing we have.  Then we're in our rooms by ten and from there we study/ write in our journals, etc.  Just wind down for the day.  I really like it here though.  I really just want to make the most out of the time that I do have here to be able to do the best I can once I actually get into the field. Only four more weeks!!!! Ahh!
There are a couple things that are different here than in the states - one is the driving.... They are crazy! Especially motorcyclists.  We were driving in a huge bus, with one in the next lane over and a motorcylcist just comes zooming on in between! 

Well.... I love it here! I love being a missionary! I am SO glad that I can finally be here!  I am grateful that I can wear Jesus Christ's name over my heart as I love him so much.  His work and His glory is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man - which definitely speaks of the great love that he has for each of us.  I am excited to be able to serve Him for the next year and a half.  I love the Plan of Salvation. 
I would love to hear from you all!  

                                      My district from the CTM in front of the Sao Paulo Temple


  1. This is awesome. What a great idea. My daughter Sister Emily Gordon is in Rio Das Ostras (part of the Rio Mission). She left the CTM on March 13.
    She loves it as well. It would be great if they served together at some point. I will be checking this blog often.

    1. Hi MG,
      Thanks for your comment on my daughter's blog. That would be awesome if Mary Ann and Sister Gordon could be companions. They probably know each other. Mary Ann has now been out for 6 months.