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October 28, 2013

Juiz de Fora sisters

October 28, 2013
Man! It´s funny how much changes in such short period of time!  I hope you all know just how much I love you!!  It sounds like you are all doing great!
This week I went to Volta Redonda in Rio to do three exchanges.  Anyways, I had a pretty legit experience there.  The sisters were teaching this lady who has been a member of her church for about fifteen years and super happy with it and doesn´t want to change - she told us exactly that during the lesson - super firmly.  We taught, bore testimony, etc and then she said that on Sunday she would go to church and see what it was like - but without any comittment whatsoever.  But anyways, I knew that I needed to invite her to baptism, even with her responses.  And so... I started talking about the Book of Mormon and how it is another testimony of Jesus Christ, etc.  and she read the promise in moroni 10 and the spirit with that.  we talked a lot about real intent as well.  And guess what? She accepted to be baptized on the third of november.  I´m just way glad that I followed through and invited her to be baptized even with the things that she said.  She has already had several experiences that lead her to believe that our church is true and so that helped her a lot as well.

We only go back from the exchanges on thursday afternoon - so we weren´t able to work in our own area as much as I wanted.... but the Lord blessed us a TON.  This week we were walking down this HUGE set of stair that goes down a giant hill (did I ever tell you how hilly Juiz de Fora is?  well. it´s like ridiculous!  I´ve now seen a place with such rolling hills as they have here.  sometimes they seem like mountains.  Our house is actually at the top of a hill.... ) but anyways we stopped and talked to him, he let us in and we taught him and his entire family - there are like seven of them that live there. but yeah, it was a pretty normal lesson.  Anyways, we went back Sunday morning and he told us that he was praying the other day for direction and then went out and sat on his front porch and well... that is when we came along.  and his question after that was like - now what?  He kind of recognized it as a response from God, but didn´t know what it meant for him - what he should do with it.  So yeah.  We used that experience that we has and of course invited him to baptism, which he accepted.  His name is C and he got out of the hospital recently (i think something because of smoking) and realizes that his life was preserved by God, but now wants to know why and is searching for that.  It was pretty sweet.  

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