Sunday, June 24, 2012

Proselyting in Sao Paulo

Well...... Only one more week here at the CTM!! Can you believe it?!  I don't know if I feel ready to go out into the field yet, but ready or not!  This time next week I'll be in RIO!!! :)  Time has gone by SO fast here! 
Oh, so we went proselyting yesterday around the CTM. Scary!  Well.. It actually wasn't that bad - we talked to several people and gave away three copies of The Book of Mormon.  It made me realize, though, how much Portuguese I still don't understand, so I'll have to get working on that, but besides that it was good.  My favorite contact was with a seventeen year old boy.  He was super nice and helped us with our portuguese - and he seemed the most sincere about the message too!  So that was good.  We kind of just talked a little bit about our purpose here in life and then about the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  Next Monday we'll be going again, but it'll be out in the city of São Paulo, so that will be sweet!
So I really love the São Paulo Temple - It is gorgeous!! We went there for the last time today - I am definitely going to miss it!  Behind the front desk is the most beautiful stained glass painting ever of when Christ visited the Americas. I love it so much!  
Favorite scripture of the week:  "Therefore continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice; for behold and lo, I am with you even unto the end."  :) I just like that scripture a lot because I know that the Lord has been here with me so far and that without Him, I wouldn't succeed, but then again - with Him, I cannot fail!  Thank goodness!
I love you all!!

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