Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When I went SKYDIVING! :)

So last Wednesday, Destiny and I jumped out of a plane.  You know, no big deal.

Well actually, it was.... epic? awesome? the best thing ever? all of the above.  It was seriously SO much fun and really not as scary as you would expect.  I think the absolute scariest part was the anticipation beforehand.  Well... either that or standing on the ledge of the plane ready to jump out!

Well, to begin with, we had an interesting time getting up there.  This included going a day later than we had originally planned and then that morning - running out of gas, following a funeral train, construction, and speeds up to ninety miles an hour.  But.  We made it!  And it didn't seem to matter that we were twenty minutes late, so that was good.

So Destiny went first, which I am kind of glad she did.  If I had gone first, I would have been freaking out the whole plane ride up there thinking that any second the plane door was going to fly open and we would jump, but after seeing her I saw just how long it took for the plane to get up there, so that was good.  And she came out alive, so that was good too :)

This is her skydiving, which came out an epic picture:

And then I went!  On the edge of the plane:
This was definitely the scariest part, but once you get there, strapped to someone else, there is really nothing you can do about it :)

Right before he pulled the chute:

Oh man! It was so much fun! I LOVED the part right there where we were just falling.  Anyways, it feels completely different than a free fall (like at zero gravity when we went) or that sinking/ dropping roller coaster feeling.  It is more like flying or floating than anything! probably because of the wind resistance or something.

And just to prove I survived:
Going down in the parachute was kind of cool.  You could see everything from the air, even downtown Dallas!  He also did a couple of spins with the parachute, but that kind of cut off the circulation in your legs.  Still fun though!

Me and the guy I jumped with:

A view from the air:

Anyways, it was an amazing experience and I would DEFINITELY do it again! :)

Well.. I didn't save the video on my stick drive like I thought I had, so I'll just have to edit this later and add it....

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